LH Double Girder Electric Hoist Crane

√ Widely used in machinery fabrication, metallurgical plant auxiliary workshop, storage, etc. √ Span Length: 7.5~31.5 m. √ Lifting Capacity: 1~50 ton.

Product Type: LH
Lifting Capacity: 5~63t
Span: 8m~32m
Lifting Height: According your demands
Working Class: A3~A5
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃


Designed and manufactured according to JB/T 3695 standard
It is used with fixed hoists like CD1 or MD1 type.
Widely used in machinery fabrication, metallurgical plant auxiliary workshop, storage, stock ground, and power station.
It is also can be used as regular double-girder overhead crane in textile industry or food industry.
But it is forbided using in inflammable, explosive or erosion environment.


In General

crane mechanism

Compact instructure, low building clearance;

Maximize lifting height to make full use of workshop.

Light body, and small wheel loading;

Variable frequency speed regulation, stable travelling.

Mechanism Parts

Double main girder, welding box beam, camber accord with National Standard.

It is made of carbon steel with high quality of Q235B or Q345B(as Fe37 or Fe52)

The main girder is connected by strength bolt, it can be made as centre-rail or inclined to one side;

Metal structure use steel pretreatment process;

Weld joint between girder cover and web is tested by X ray or ultrasonic examination;

Crane wheel, trolley wheel and brake wheel are treated by untermediate frequency, power frequency;

Leeb hardness tester control heat treatment hardness.


Compact structure, small size and light;

Rail is P type or square steel rail;

Consisted with motor, reducer, trolley shelf and hoist.

Trolley travelling is trinity structure;

Lifitng mechanism is similar with hoist's

Crane Travelling

Ground control use soft starting motor with small current, no axial channeling move

Seldom fault, can frequency starting, save energy;

Cabin control use ZDR series cone-shape rotor, three-phase motor or electromagnetic braking mortor;

High mechanical strength, compact structure, braking torque can be adjusted

Starting stablely, safe braking;

Convenient to control, use and maintance;

Use QS trinity drive and doubel-girder hoist special wheel

Simple device and compact structure.

Electrical Part


Safe touch line conductive rate is high, small pressure, sliding fast.

Electrical wiring box neat, orderly, easy to maintain and repair.

Trolley running power is supplied by flat cable, smooth and aesthetic

Protection Device


Outdoor cranes are equipped with lifting mechanism, electrical control box and rainproof devices;

Trolley matched with stop block and light&power switch

current protection , anti-collision device, sound-light alarm.


Crane control operation

Both ground control and cabin control

Special cabin for double-girder with hoist or capsule cabin

Open version, comfortable operating

cam controller, linkage controller

Cabin has open or close style; installed on left or right;

Door direction has end open, side open and top open

User can choose according to your need.

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